Master, 66 лет, Великобритания, Кингсбридж
Проверка паспорта
Проверка телефона
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Уровень ответов: 96%
Имя: Master
Возраст: 66
Месторасположение: Великобритания, Кингсбридж
Знак зодиака: Скорпион
Вес: 64кг
Рост: 183см
Цвет глаз: Желто-коричневый
Цвет волос: С проседью
Телосложение: Стройное
Насколько часто Вы курите?: Никогда
Насколько часто Вы пьете: Никогда
Ваш распорядок дня: Я - "сова" (люблю поздно вставать)
Со следующими данными:
Проверка паспорта
Проверка телефона
английский 5(свободный)
французский 3(средний)
немецкий 2(разговорный)
русский 1(начальный)
Семейное положение: Не замужем/Не женат
Вы согласны переехать?:
Я согласен остаться жить в моем городе
Ваши жизненные приоритеты:
Семья, долговременные отношения
Духовный рост
Где Вы проживаете?: Отдельная квартира
Образование: Кандидат наук
Профессия: Учитель/профессор
Какой религии Вы придерживаетесь?: Духовный, но не религиозный
Возраст: 18 - 42
Вес: до 63.56 кг
Рост: до 183 см
Телосложение: Стройное, Нормальное, Мускулистое, Худое, Спортивное

Ответы на вопросы

Как бы Вы описали себя?
I Am As I Am, Which Is Just As You See ~
I Know Not How I May Be Other:
Let Each One Become What Life Means Us To Be,
Let Each Be The Child Of Its Mother . . .

I Strive For Constant Mindfulness,
To Be A Man Of Mind;
And Wish That Common Kindliness
Would Covidise Mankind . . .

IN PROSE (or fact . . . ):

NATIONALITY: English (Quarter-Blood White-Russian)
RACE: West-Caucasian (White-European)
RELIGION: Christian Gnostic Pantheist
BIRTH-PLACE: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
RESIDENCE: Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England
HEIGHT: 6 ft. 00 ins.
WEIGHT: 10 st. 00 lbs.
BODY-MASS INDEX: 19 (Light-Normal, Healthy)
BUILD: Lean, Limber, Lissom, Lithe, Light, Fit
HEALTH: No Hereditary/Major/Known Conditions
DIET (of choice): Organic-Wholefood Vegetarian-Piscarian
HAIR: Silver-Hazel, Fine, Smooth, Waving
EYES: Grey-Green, Long-Sighted, Far-Seeing, Clear
EDUCATION: Classical, Private, Continuous
LANGUAGES: English, with some French, German, Russian, Latin & Greek
EMPLOYMENT: Part-Time Free-Lance (London & Online)
PROFESSIONS: English-Tutor, Character-Actor, Astrological Counsellor, Historical Model
STYLE: Classic, Romantic, Traditional, Individual, Bohemian
DEPENDANTS: Imperial Russian Wolfhound (one)

IN POETRY (or fantasy . . . ):


With A Face And A Voice From An Age That Is Past ~
The Life-Long Echo Of A Long-Gone Era ~
A Singular Man Seeks A Single Heart
For A Song Of Love That Is Far Sincerer;

The Ancient Soul's Reflection Sought
In The Answering Spirit Of An Ageless Other:
You May Have Children, May Have Nought,
Yet The Love That You Crave Is The Love Of A Father;

But That Which I State, In The Spirit Of Truth,
May Fall Heavy As Fate On The Spirit Of Youth,
So Lest You Be Wondering When My Heart Sings,
Then These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things:

Astrology, Psychology, Mythology, Philosophy,
Folk-Story, Fantasy, Music & Poetry,
Friendship, Intimacy, Love, Beauty, Nature,
And Walking My Beautiful Borzoi Katyushka;

Whose Name Spins A Thread On The World-Web Beyond,
Linking Images, Interviews And Such Information
As, Were You To Read It Before You Respond,
Would Be Sure To Enhance Our Communication . . .

Should Language, Or Age, Form A Frontier To Fate,
When Soul Calls To Soul In The Search For Its Mate?
No! Words Are The Best Of A Myriad Means
For Sharing Our Thoughts, Our Ideas And Our Dreams;

Whereas Sensitive Feelings, Which Matter So Much,
May Be Spoken In Glances, Or Told By A Touch;
And Age Is An Issue Of Mind Over Matter:
If We Do Not Mind, Well Then, Why Need It Matter?

So Search For The Seeker Whose Search Is Eternal ~
The Poet, The Playwright, The King & The Colonel ~
And Should You Thus Find Him, Then Write Him To Greet Him,
For Many May See Him, Yet Few Come To Meet Him!

Just Trust In Life's Chance: Leave Suspicion And Censure ~
For None Can Find Fortune, Who Nothing Adventure ~
And Let Your Heart Lead You To Make This December
A Time For New Friendship ~ A Time To Remember;

For Fortunate People Make Fortunate Choices,
And Confident Speakers Have Confident Voices;
Find Faith In Your Spirit, Feel Love In Your Heart,
And Nothing, And No-one, Need Keep Us Apart . . . !
Как бы Вы описали своего идеального партнера?
I Strive All-Ways To Let Life Lead The Way ~
Life Better Knows Than I What I Most Need:
We Do Not Meet The Partners Whom We Want ~
The Partners Whom We Meet Are Ours Indeed . . .

A Partner Need Not Be 'Perfect',
To Be The Perfect Partner For Me ~
For No-One Can Ever Be 'Perfect',
But Everyone Can Learn To Be . . . !

"Fairy-Tales Can Come True: It Can Happen To You,
If You're Young-At-Heart;
For It's Hard, You Will Find, To Be Narrow Of Mind,
If You're Young-At-Heart;

You Can Go To Extremes, With Impossible Schemes;
You Can Laugh, When Your Dreams Fall Apart At The Seams;
And Life Gets More Exciting With Each Passing Day,
And Love Is Either In Your Heart ~ Or On Its Way . . .

Don't You Know That It's Worth Every Treasure On Earth,
To Be Young-At-Heart?
For As Rich As You Are, It's Much Better By Far,
To Be Young-At-Heart;

And If You Should Survive To A Hundred-&-Five,
Look At All You'll Derive, Out Of Being Alive ~
And Here Is The Best Part: You Have A Head-Start,
If You Are Among The Very Young-At-Heart . . . !"

[Carolyn Leigh]

IN POETRY (or fantasy . . . ):

The Russian Soul-Mate Sought For Forty Years,
Of Whom The Gypsy Spoke So Long Ago,
Whom Yet I Seek, Although Beset By Fears
She Seeks No More, And I May Never Know . . .

IN PROSE (or fact . . . ):

AGE: 18-42
HEIGHT: 150-180 cms.
WEIGHT: 40-60 kgs. (in proportion)
FIGURE: Slim, Slight, Slender, Svelte, Slav
STYLE: Smart, Sleek, Smooth, Chic, Sure
CHARACTER: Clear, Calm, Quiet, Kind, Companionable
NATURE: Fine, Faithful, Affectionate, Feminine, Fun
CONDITION: Single (Unmarried, Divorced, Widowed, Separated, Estranged)
CHILDREN: What Will Be, Will Be ~ A Child Is A Soul In Search Of A Tutor . . .
LOCATION: Pan-European, From The Distant Russian Empire To The Far United Kingdom . . .
Если бы через тридцать дней настал бы конец света, что бы Вы делали?
Watching, Listening, Sharing, Talking,
Reading, Writing, Thinking, Walking;
Friendship, Closeness, Fellow-Feeling,
Life-Long Learning, Loving, Healing;

Health, Harmony, Happiness, Peace,
Striving To Become A Better Person;
Making The World A Better Place,
Adding Something To Evolution;

Learning To Live With Trust,
Learning The Russian Tongue;
Keeping The Spirit Just,
Keeping The Body Young;

English Country-House Life,
Being True To Oneself;
Finding My Russian Wife,
Rescuing Her From The Shelf;

Growing Together, In Love ~
Growing In Love, Together . . .
Если бы у Вас было бы лишних 10 миллионов долларов, чтобы Вы сделали?
As much good as practically, or impractically, possible ~
But one could do so much more with ten million proper English pounds . . .
Как часто и с кем Вы советуетесь?
Constantly, by day and night equally, from the Spirit within . . .
Какое качество Вы особенно цените в лицах своего пола?
Brotherhood of Spirit . . .
Какое качество Вы особенно цените в лицах противоположного пола?
Sisterhood of Soul . . .
Недавнее крупное событие Вашей жизни?
Returning to live in the ancient rural market-town
Of my paradisal boyhood-Summers of sun, sand and sea,
Close to the coast of the soft South-West of England,
Known as 'The English Riviera' or 'The British California' ~
Officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,
And perpetually preserved as a Natural National Park;
Which has thus brought me greater health, strength, youth,
Ease, peace & space than since my childhood . . .
Главный совет, который Вы дадите своим детям?
I Shall Be Telling This With A Sigh,
Somewhere Ages And Ages Hence:
"Two Roads Diverged In A Wood, And I ~
I Took The One Less Travelled By,
And That Has Made All The Difference . . . "

[from 'The Road Less Travelled', by Robert Frost]

For Thinking What You've Always Thought
You'll Get What You Have Always Got;
And Doing What You've Always Done
You'll Be What You Have Always Been;

So Trust In Life, And Trust In Love ~
Believe In Yourself, And In Your Dreams:
Follow Your Heart, And Your Star Above,
And Find Your Fate, As Far As It Seems;

And If At First You Don't Succeed,
Try, Try, And Try Again ~
Always Helping Those In Need,
Never Causing Others Pain;

But Wherever You Go,
And Whatever You Do,
Remember This Rule
Your Whole Life Through:

Miracles Happen
To Those Who Believe ~
Be Naïve ~ Let A Miracle
Happen To You . . . !
Что Вас больше всего потрясло в жизни?
The resurgence of the old, so-called 'Cold War' ~ now no longer cold, alas! but rather, incandescently, world-threateningly, molten and white-hot ~
Exposing as it does Humanity's cruel delusion
As to its moral, spiritual, social and cultural progress in the twentieth century,
And attesting as it does to Man's inveterate, unregenerate, primitive, enduring tribalism ~
The ever-engulfing, all-consuming power of the hatred and suspicion born of ignorance, fear, mistrust, falsehood and envy,
Engendering barbaric, mediaeval rituals and monstrous, evil superstitions dignified by the names of 'Religion', 'Nationalism', 'Patriotism' and 'Unity' ~
Such that the long-cherished twentieth-century dream
Of quiet men and women of every nation, creed and colour,
For World-Peace throughout a peaceful, stable, beautiful, natural world,
Would now seem, after centuries of suffering, argument, invasion and armed conflict
Directly arising from Man's aggressive, domineering, violent, megalomaniacal nature ~
Bombast, blood-lust and imperious passion for possession of that which he so desperately, compulsively, destructively desires,
In the name of collective, national security, imperialist expansion and strutting, swaggering, sabre-rattling self-aggrandisement,
Fuelling, as it does, a toxic, pathologic, paranoiac cult of egoistic, narcissistic, preening, personal pomp and power,
In which the fates of nations and their innocent peoples are determined by cabals of obscenely-bloated, smirking kleptocrats and venomously-reptilian, snarling psychopaths in smart suits,
Sowing famine, death, destruction and apocalyptic misery from the safe, secluded opulence of their luxury-yachts, island-estates and stolen palaces ~
Such that sane humanity's common, peaceful dream would now appear to be rapidly receding into a distant, dearly-hoped-for,
Ideal, yet utterly-unattainable future:
God grant it may prove otherwise ~ and by the Grace of one, astonishing, inspiring, fearless example, it seems indeed it may . . .
Последние книги, которые Вы прочитали?
The Collected Works of Kahlil Gibran,
The Lebanese Maronite Artist-Scholar,
Distilling, as they so perfectly, poetically do,
The Perennial Philosophy of Compassionate Humanism
Arising from a deep, natural wellspring of instinctive, animal empathy . . .
Ваши цели сейчас?
As they have always been: namely,
To become wholly oneself, or rather, One Self ~
Unified and Integrated, Conscious with Unconscious,
Through the Buddhic, Christic practices
Of Right Thought,
Right Speech,
Right Action,
Right Livelihood and
Right Relationship,
So as to lead a life well lived,
Doing harm to no living being,
And contributing thereby at least something
Toward the evolution of the species . . .

"So Many Gods, So Many Creeds,
So Many Paths That Wind And Wind ~
When All This Sad World Needs
Is Just The Art Of Being Kind . . . "

[Ella Wheeler Wilcox]
Кем Вы восхищаетесь?
Those who are true to themselves;
Those who become more than they were;
Those who leave the world better than they found it ~
Even 'though they did not ask to find it in the first place . . .
Много ли у Вас друзей?
Old friends, new acquaintances:
Tried and trusted, few but true ~
"Choose the best, and leave the rest,
And the best are those who're true to you . . . "
Какие качества Вы особенно не любите в лицах своего пола?
Dominance, violence, aggression . . .
Какие качества Вы особенно не любите в лицах противоположного пола?
Dishonesty, duplicity, deceit . . .
Что бы я хотел изменить в себе?
Procrastination, prevarication, unpunctuality ~ but then, after all, which of us is perfect . . . ?
Мои недостатки
Sensitivity, receptivity, imagination and compassion, engendering
Long walks, long talks, late mornings and late nights . . .
Мои достоинства
Attentiveness, responsiveness, intelligence and conscience, engendering
Good manners, good morals, good habits and good health . . .
Как меня видят мои друзья?
As a distinct, unique and worthwhile individual:

"Warm, authentic, caring, genuine, real: in every sense an old, old soul . . . ";

"A talented, colourful character, and deep, wise, sure, true friend in need . . . ";

"On the surface ~ a sharp, sardonic, academic sceptic:

On the inside ~ a curious, adventurous, capricious, even mischievous child . . . ";

"In a blurred age of mass-mediocrity, you stand out from the crowd:

Always deep; sometimes doleful; often droll ~ but never, ever dull . . . ";

"A personality of profound, yet oddly-complementary, contrasts,

Like some ancient alchemist's metaphysical, multidimensional cocktail,

With a subtle, magical, decidedly-mysterious and penetrating afterglow ~

An odd mixture, but, it must be said, a really rather good one, albeit somewhat addictive . . . !"
Как меня видят просто знакомые?
As an unusual, surprising, yet engaging, mixture:

"On first acquaintance, cool, reserved and formal;

But on closer contact, compassionate, affectionate, warm-hearted and warm-blooded,

Playful, youthful, witty, naughty, whimsical and zany . . . ";

"Not at all what one would have expected ~

In fact, rather a 'dark horse', 'black sheep' or 'deep water', as the saying goes . . . "
Мои любимые игры
The life-long games of Learning, Love and Life:
I neither play computer-games, view pornography nor watch television,
Instead preferring always real experience, real relationships and real life . . .
Мои любимые писатели и поэты
Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Dickens, Austen,
Hardy, Housman, Saki, Kipling,
Wilde, Wodehouse, Barrie, Brooke,
De la Mare, de Maupassant, de Balzac, d'Exupéry;

Pushkin, Lermontov, Turgenev, Goncharov,
Afanas'yev, Del'vig, Tol'stoy, Dostoevsky,
Gogol, Gor'ky, Chekhov, Bulgakov,
Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Korolenko, Ouspensky;

And, of course, The Master ~ Gibran . . .
Моя любимая музыка
Spiritual, Sensual, Soulful, Ethereal,
Rhapsodic, Romantic, Atmospheric, Ambient,
Peaceful, Spacious, Sensitive, Sorrowful,
Sentimental, Gentle, Gypsy, Jazz . . .
Моя любимая еда
Wholesome, healthful, natural, nutritious . . .
Мои любимые фильмы
Dvyenadtsat', probably;
Solyaris, certainly;
Dikoye Polye, possibly;
Russian Ark, undoubtedly;
On A Clear Day, clearly;
Somewhere In Time, naturally;
Ring Of Bright Water, sentimentally;
Un Homme Et Une Femme, Bien Sûr . . .
Мои любимые сказки
Sadko, certainly;
Snyegurochka, naturally;
Sleeping Beauty, inevitably;
Beauty & The Beast, hopefully ~
And of course, The Little Prince,
The Happy Prince (of Oscar Wilde),
The Chronicles Of Moomintroll and Narnia, and
The Fisherman & His Soul . . .
Мое любимое занятие
Walking, assuredly;
Relating, constantly;
Love-Making, ideally . . .
Работа, о которой я мечтаю
Acting, formerly;
Teaching, latterly;
Learning, endlessly . . .
Партнер, о котором я мечтаю
(in Poetic Prose, of fact & fantasy conjoined . . . ):

A Girl Who Understands What It Means To Be A Woman,

A Woman Who Remembers What It Means To Be A Girl:

An Ageless, Timeless, Gentle, Youthful Spirit,

Who Does Not Mistake Cleverness For Wisdom,
Kindness For Weakness,
Cruelty For Strength;

Does Not Confuse Wealth With Well-Being,
Life-Style With Life-Standard,
Appearance With Essence;

Who Sets Education Above Acquisition,
Art Above Commerce,
Class Above Cash;

Who Knows That Every Animal Is A Person,
Every Person An Animal,
And Neither An Angel;

And, Rarest Of All,
An Instinctive, Effortless, Natural Lady,
Whatever Her Class, Country Or Culture,

Who Is Never Out Of Place,
Because She Always Knows Exactly
Who And What She Truly Is ~

Lovely To Look At;

Lovely To Live With;

Lovely To Love . . .

"There Was A Boy ~
A Very Strange, Enchanted Boy ~
They Say He Wandered Very Far, Very Far,
Over Land And Sea;

A Little Shy,
And Sad Of Eye,
But Very Wise
Was He;

And Then One Day,
A Magic Day, He Passed My Way;
And As We Spoke Of Many Things, Fools And Kings,
This He Said To Me:

'The Greatest Thing
You'll Ever Learn,
Is Just To Love ~
And Be Loved In Return . . . '"

['NATURE-BOY', by Eden Ahbez]
Место, где я хочу жить
I Strive To Live In The Present,
Taking What Life Has To Give:
Making The Most Of Each Moment ~
That's Where I Most Want To Live;

So As Best To Fulfil My Purpose,
Best Make My Destiny Real;
Best Do The Things I Was Born For,
Best Learn To Let Myself Feel;

Turning Potential To Actual,
Turning Base Lead Into Gold;
Making Of Wish A Reality,
Making A Tale To Be Told ~

If You Would Wish To Live There, Also;
If Your Dream Is To Do That, Too;

Might That Not Be A Double-Destiny,
A Dream Of Love, A Dream For Two ~

A Journey Shared, A Life Together,
A Question From Me, An Answer From You . . . ?

"You may say that I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one ~
I hope someday you'll come and join us,
And the world will live as one . . . "

[from 'IMAGINE', by John Lennon]
Насколько Вам нравится садоводство?
Не против того, чтобы помочь
Как часто Вы хотели бы выходить в свет
Один раз в неделю
Я могу описать себя в гостях как
Беспристрастный наблюдатель
Поддерживаю мое место/квартиру
Всегда чистым для компании
Для меня идеально было бы жить в
коттедж за городом
Как Вы относитесь к походам в магазин за едой?
Я кое-как справляюсь
Насколько Вы наслаждаетесь другими типами хождения по магазинам?
Я не против того чтобы делать это
Вам нравится готовить?
Я должен/должна готовить
Вам нравится ужинать вне дома?
Наслаждаюсь этим
Что касается телевидения я
Выключаю его
Что касается денег
Я слишком щедрый(-ая)
Домашние животные и я
У меня есть Собака(-и), У меня нет, но мне нравятся Рыбки, Птички, Кот(-ы)
Какой вид телевизионных программ Вы больше всего любите смотреть?
Природа/дикая жизнь, Фильмы, Обучающие, Драма, Документальные, Комедии, Приключения/боевики
Мне очень нравится проводить свободное время
Обедая с другом, Играя с моим домашним животным, Посещая музеи или галереи, Посещая лекции/ занятия, Гуляя, В компании друзей, На природе
Другое, Плавание, Прогулки, Верховая езда
Виды развлечений, которые Вам нравятся
Концерты, Вечеринки, Показы мод, Изысканные ужины, Походы в кинотеатр, Музеи/Живопись, Классическая музыка, Джаз, Поэзия, Чтение, Интернет
Другие хобби или интересы
Астрология, Писательское творчество, Философия/Духовность, Фотография
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